Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Edit: Solution (kinda) See bottom!

After nearly a full day of attempting to find a solution to the Blank Facebook problem everyone seems to be having I can only conclude that the problem is with Facebook itself. Deleting the Browsing Data changes nothing, Incognito/Private Browsing doesn't work, I've run 3 different scans from 3 different anti malware programs and each has come up clean, It seems there is nothing on my computer that could be causing the problems for me at least.

I did find something though. But it suggests its a problem with one of the servers Facebook uses to send out the websites information to a computer.

I opened Chrome, hit F12 to open the console, tried to load Facebook, and was greeted with this:

Everything red in those screenshots is a call to a program or a call to a piece of information that either does not exist or that the browser is not allowed to access. Whichever it may be the problem is with whichever server is hosting the information.

Unfortunately it seems like all we can do is wait until Facebook fixes the servers.

Edit: A friend of mine reminded me of something. There are several different ways to access Facebook. Generally we all just type and we're done, but he reminded me that can be used which gives you the mobile version of the site, and that reminded me that you can also use where the s in https:// (usually just http://) stands for SECURE.

Fortunately the https:// URL DOES WORK on a "broken" browser that has been getting the blank page and should give you all the features Facebook has to offer (Though that may exclude games, I'm not sure I don't play them, that is something you will need to check yourself. Feel free to say in the comments if it does or not.

Unfortunately this probably means Facebook is having security issues. And that's just not good for anyone.