Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Forcing Secure Connections - Something I Missed

On Thursday, October 11, 2012 I wrote a post about forcing any website to use a secure https:// type connection, primarily to fix some security problems Facebook had been having, but they were a bit complicated and required downloading various (sometimes sketchy) extensions and all in all was not "ideal." But it worked so I posted it because something is better than nothing.


Only just now have I realized that all of my instructions were completely unnecessary. Facebook itself has this feature already! When you are logged into Facebook In the top right hand corner click the drop down menu next to your name and click "Account Settings" and in the next page click the "security" tab on the left hand side, check the box in "Secure Browsing" and make sure to click "save Changes."

And now Facebook will always use a secure connection. Simple as that.

Of course, this only works for Facebook so if you are a particularly security conscious person and want secure connections on websites other than Facebook you will have to either check the setting on each website or follow the instructions HERE.

Thank you and enjoy your internet.